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Another 1st timer be gentle but honest what
ya reckon?


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Nathaniel - A lot of people have tried this type of dotted typeface (myself included), and I think you've got some cool (read: different) forms. Somebody did it first, I'm not sure who, but yours is certainly a fresh take. It's hard to see exactly what's happening with each letter, but if you can post a Flash sample, it'd be easier to give feedback on the individual letters.


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I'm not running flash at the moment but here are some larger versions so you can have a better
look at individual characters.

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Nathaniel - favorite forms: the lc 'a' and 'e'

least favorite 's' and 'k'

this could be a usable specialty face, but in my humble opinion it could be improved.

you wanted gentle but honest criticism, so the main thing:

I would clean up the face. Spraytrix light looks like a mishmash of diff. circular shapes but none of them look clean. The repeated shape could be a circle, square, star, whatever, but clean and uniform seems like it would work better than misshapen.

it's not a bad first attempt so keep on trying new stuff,


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I feel the opposite, bj. It's the irregularity
of the dots that makes Spraytrix different from
the other dotted grid fonts. I really believe
the Light is marketable as a worn face printed
by some arcane machine.


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Stephen - i urge you to reconsider!


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Great!, the irregualrity gives the font a human look. It's more like a humanistic interpretation of those very rigid forms. The difference between the light & bold is good; it makes the typeface diverse, and interesting to watch. It gives the typeface a certain personality.

I love those capitals;the S & K are beautiful.

I think the next step is to transform it to a typeface. Spacing, Kerning etc...
& designing al the other elements; all the punctuations etc.

the typedesigner 'Peter van Blokland' designed in the early eighties the font 'vijfzeven'. Look at it at "http://xml.petr.com/buro/products/vijfzeven//nl"
or try finding at "http://www.petr.com" There are a lot of similarities between his and your design. Though his font is more cleaned up (as what bj suggested), I think you should try to keep it more rough.

Making it clean is easy, keeping it rough, but also usefull is the tricky part.

good luck

& try to do what you think is best

(it's your design, in the end)

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The irregular dots thats due the the spray paint
i used to create the grid. Its based on this
Here are some new versions of the lc 's' and 'k'
The lc 's' in the original looks that way because
the others i tried were starting to look like the number five.
The light was the original but it didn't work
so well large so i made it heavier. Bold versions
are just to add a bit of versitility. I like fonts you
can overlay to get 3D/misregistered styles.

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