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Dalton Maag was founded in 1991 by Bruno Maag and Liz Dalton after they returned from Chicago, USA, where Bruno worked for Monotype Corporation. Initially working on smaller projects, such as refining logotypes, we have been entrusted with providing typographic solutions for large, multi-national corporations.

Today, we boast a skilled staff and a high-quality client list, both corporate clients and design agencies, many of whom have returned to employ our skills and expertise again and again; many of whom have become our friends.

Our People
Bruno Maag, Managing Director
After graduating from Basel School of Design, Switzerland, with a degree in Typographic Design and Visual Communications, he emigrated to England to work for Monotype in their type studio. After a year and a half in England, Bruno transferred to Monotype Chicago where he was responsible for their custom typeface department. During this time he re-cut all of the typefaces then in use by The New Yorker magazine for use on Macintosh. After returning to England in 1991 Bruno started Dalton Maag with Liz Dalton. Bruno is also the current Chairman of The Typographic Circle.

Ron Carpenter, Design
Ron Carpenter is a veteran of type design. Before joining Dalton Maag in 1996, he worked for Monotype for over 25 years. At Monotype he designed typefaces such as Amasis and was responsible for the Monotype revival of Dante, an all-time classic.

Vincent Connare, Design & Font Engineering
Vincent Connare joined Dalton Maag in the spring of 2001. He has been an in-house type designer and typographic engineer for 16 years. Before joining us he worked at Microsoft Corporation in Redmond WA and Agfa of Wilmington MA in the United States. Several of Vincent's fonts are key parts of Microsoft's products, the best-known being the children's font Comic Sans, the WindowXP interface font Trebuchet, he coded the font Marlett that was first used as a scalable User Interface icon font in Windows95 and a web symbol font Webdings. Vincent holds a MA degree in Typeface Design from the University of Reading in England.

Veronika Burian, Design
Veronika Burian joined Dalton Maag in autumn 2003 after graduating with distinction from the University of Reading with a MA degree in Typeface Design. Originally she studied Industrial Design at the University of Applied Sciences in Munich/Bavaria. Before Veronika decided to focus more specifically on type, she worked for several years as product and graphic designer in Vienna/Austria and Milan/Italy. Her font Mila was part of the exhibition 'Contemporary Type Design in Italy' during ATypI in Rome 2002 and was published in the accompanying book Italic 1.0. Veronika's other typeface Maiola received recently the 'Type Directors Club' award 2004 - 'Certificate of Excellence in Type Design' and was the personal 'Judge's Choice'.

David Marshall, Technology & Systems
David Marshall joined Dalton Maag in summer 1999 as our technologist and in-house software and support engineer. He is an experienced Software Engineer with an interest in type design and type technologies.

Angela Gilroy, Client Liaison
Angela Gilroy joined Dalton Maag in 1999 to expand the client database and take care of the day-to-day running of the studio. She's now in charge of raising the companys awareness among prospective clients and is involved in PR and marketing. Angela also supports Bruno in his role as Chair of The Typographic Circle.

Contact Us
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Phone: 020 7924 0633
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