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This is a logo I'm workin on for a campaign to promote tourism in the town I grew up in. I'm working on a couple other ideas but this is my favorite so far. I'm looking for a critique on the readability, how easily the shapes are recognized as hills and the relevance to the target audience.

The target audience is (this is taken from the associations design brief):

A. Baby boomers and retirees, ages 45-75+, Interested in the outdoors, gathering places, diversity, art & culture, and education.
B. Upwardly mobile, professional / creative class with disposable income, ages 30-45

Thanks for your input.

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reads as "sind sallbrook" especially to people who require glasses to read aka the majority of your audience.

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I agree with Adnix make the crossbar on the f's stronger also make the word find a lot smaller or in a different face to put the emphsis on the subject Fallbrook. Good start.

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Is that Fallbrook Mass per chance?

This is an exceelent start. I don't read the "F"s as "S"s and I do see the hills. I agree with Dan about making "Find" smaller and strengthening the "F"'s crossbars.

Additiionally, you have a pefect opportunity for an "fi" ligature in "Find" and the "dF" connector looks contrived/unatural and detracts from the hill metaphor. I would lose that all together and finish the "d" closer to the baseline.

Keep it coming this has great potential.

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