Alternative typeface?

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I need to find an alternative to Disorder, a face that is a bit 'wider' with a little more contrast.

something like this:

But ideally it needs to be a proper commercial font with lowercase characters etc..

Any ideas???

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Jim, you might be interested in something from MisPrintedType or maybe even Astigmatic, aka Astigmatic One Eye Typographic Institute

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FF Cartonnage is a good fit here.

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Thanks for the replies.

Anything from misprinted type is just a little too 'grungy' I am afraid. However Cartonnage looks good, but to be really fussy I need something without that stippling/eroded look at the edge. A rough edge is good just no 'erosion' if you see what I mean. I will keep looking but ny more ideas would be really helpful!

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