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this logo is to present me as a freelance graphic designer.
The main goals in this logo were: Simple, clean and colorful.
Also notice, that the rounded shapes are making the letter 'x'.
The font I used is 'Century Gothic Regular'

I know that a lot of work is ahead of me and I will appreciate your feedback.
-I'll also appreciate if you will let me know about logos that are resemble to this logo.

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Solid start. Could concept. I think you will find, however, that those colors have been used in such a way many times before, and perhaps it would be good to pick colors which are a little less expected. Maybe?

I thought of this game instantly upon seeing your logo -- -- not to say yours is wrong or bad, but perhaps needs a little more work.

Futura Maxi isn't bad, but perhaps you should use something contrasting for the sub?

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Keep going!

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Good start. I agree with tiffany about the colors (and the Simon Says thing).

I don't like Twentieth Century, and almost always prefer Futura. But that's a personal taste issue. Also, watch the spacing between the 's' and the 'e'. It's a little tight, so open it up just a little.

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I'm thinking nbc, trivial persuit, simon says… In other words, you definitely should change the colors to something less common. Primary colors give off a family friendly appeal; I doubt that was the intention.

Check out a Sans with a slight curve to the end like Optima that might flow better with the X mark.

One last thing that stood out to me: Is your name Sevex? The tag line Freelance Graphic Designer leads me to believe that I need to speak with someone named Sevex. If that is not your intention, you may try a variant such as Freelance Graphic Design, without the er.

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hi all, thank you so much for commenting.

In reply to anticowboyism: No, my name is not sevex, its my nick.
for the removel of the 'er' - you right, I'll fix that later on.

I decided to change the type completely and did somthing else.
I streached the type a lot, and the E's got kind of a Nine'ish look, which I think turned out kind of uniqe.

The symbol also Changed. A circle frame was added and the connection to the 'X' on the logo brought out more.
The 'V' turned out like 'U', I tried to give her one cornery buttom but I think it ruined the whole image.


The two versions of the logo symbol

Logo Hues

I'd love to hear more feedback or propositions

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Sorry, but that v really looks like a u. Try different variations of one corner bottom. Perhaps one with a tighter curve versus a 90 degree angle.

Why does the symbol refer to the last letter in the name? Shouldn't it refer to the first letter? It will help reinforce your clients memorizing your name.

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The non-rounded letters shouldn't exactly align with the rounded characters, reduce their height slightly, otherwise they burst out of the top (and bottom) of the logo. The top half of the E could be improved by increasing it, it looks as if it is leaning back, this will also address the kerning at EV. The V is definitely a problem since a potential viewer would not have any reference and would conclude it is a U I think you will have to abandon your skeleton and work with a more conventional form. Overall the construction has problems with an uneven colour especially dark at the centre of the X and Es and while EVEX are all monoline the S is light at the centre. The symbol is working best for me as per the left hand column.

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timd - thank you for your advices, the logo make much more sense now with the flat-head characters shortend.

after awhile looking at it, I wasnt happy from the way my last logo was going. I wanted to preserve the circularity of the first concept, and to give him more of a younger look.
The color scheme also changed.

about the symbol - Im working on him right now.
[I chose to include the letter 'X' in the symbol mainly because of her weight on 'sevex'. the 'x' is also in association with unity, ways that cross each other,two lines that meets, and the 'x' also draw more focus than the 's'.]

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Is that 'Arial', you set the new version of your 'Logo' in.? :)

( Sorry, but I dont think thats suuuch a good choice of type, for a logotype.. :) Please allow me to repost, what I posted as a reply before, in another thread.: '..I dont want to sound too harsh, but.: So what you basically did yet is set your words, using a pretty 'standard', more than common typeface.? I am not too sure about that being very unique, or memorable, what about you.? This could be for everything.. You could have tried to, at least, slightly customize / modify the type.. But, I think you may want to return to sketching and scribbling various ideas on paper ( again ), instead of starting out with 'just' setting type on screen..' )

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Uh oh.

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'Arial' indeed. traced upon actually, and modified a bit.
I have no problem in using standart fonts, especially when it meets my needs.
But I see the slight modifications I did is yet to overcome the result that im aiming for.

I will definetly try more variations to this logo, this is just the beginning and more updates are sure to come.

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Yeah, you can't expect the 1st 2 or 3 ideas to be the best. Sometimes they are but it's good to keep trying things until you have hashed out your ideas well. I am wondering what you want a client to think Sevex is. That isn't clear to me yet. How do you want people to feel/think when they see your mark. I am a big fan of intentional design. So far I would assume your design is for a hair salon or a night club - or maybe some kind of sports food. It doesn't make me think illustrator too much yet.

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You'll want to work on the spacing inside the last version of the logo that you posted. From what I measured there was more space between the words and edge on the left side and bottom. If there isn't physically a difference, there was definitely a visual difference.

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Alright, some updates:

I sketched a lot until I reached for this concept, and I liked the look Visual illusion very much (pay attention to the 'X's).
the type also got much heavier.

some feedback on this new version would be great.

thank you

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Maybe not the kind of feedback you are looking for, but I think the name of your freelancing business invokes the wrong kind of connotations.
It sounds more FedEx, telecom, largish anonymous tech company, than it does creative designer/illustrator. The Pepsi-looking type re-inforces this, I feel.

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I dig the solid color version of the logo, but not the b&w outline version or the gradient versions. The SEVEX text is the best so far, but I don't think the face you chose for the tagline goes with the geometrical feel of the SEVEX.

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I would make your S a little more interesting - Give it more flow. And the bottom of the V needs to come down a little & overshoot to look right. It's getting better. I do worry about the icon part of the logo notworking in black & white. I think thats a basic feature of an icon used in this context. Keep going.

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Is it me or does the interlocking mark look distorted. If it was fabric wouldn't there be a slight offset where one layer tucks under the other. It looks like the intersections are "to direct" giving the illusion of pieces put together and not a whole unit.

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I like the "Escher" quality of the mark I prefer the gradient version without the stroke because that accentuates the three dimensional ribbon. The outline version looks rather light next to the type maybe just a case of increasing the weight (I say just but I suppose it would have implications on the stroke ends). You could also develop a black version of the mark with gradients. As Eben notes the apex of the V needs to be lowered a touch.

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I'd like to see what setting "Freelance Graphic Design" in small/all caps looks like.

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After much work I came out with those symbols, and updated the type to a much lighter and taller version.
I favor version 'C' the most - the concept is ink drops in Cyan-Magenta-Yellow colors come out from the center and forming an 'X' on the middle.
Update no.4

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A&B look like logos from the X-Men comic books. I agree with you that C is the best of the lot, but it still doesn't wow me.

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Deffinitively E. The colors look like taken out of a comic book plus clients are certainly not familiar with cmyk. Because of the abstract quality of your sign you must rely on a good color combination as a referential code, you could try also textures as references.


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I think if you are going to reference 4 colour process in your logo you should include black as something more than a stroke. The stroke on D and E is weak compared to the type. C resembles a propeller to me rather than ink drops, maybe a highlight would make them seem more droplike.
The stroke weight of your logotype is inconsistent, the centre bar of the S in particular is not working and the whole is a bit narrow, the X is too wide especially compared to the S, on the first E the final stroke could be extended to close up the space with the V and both Es seem to be lighter on the left.
As a final point the print and production is going to be expensive and the registration is going to be critical.

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Keep in mind X can mean means cancel, avoid that reference. Also most of your marks look like you are a printer not a designer. All printing companies use CMYK colors, you shouldn't. I don't love your justified type Free Lance Designer, it says rigid not flexible. I also think you need more space between any mark you make and the words.

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I refined The logotype a little bit, The 'S' got more wider and rounded.
For the symbol, I Decided to stay with the “Escher-like-X”, I think its the best.

Update no.5

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#2 is better than #1 just because the stroke weights are too heavy and will probably bleed together in printing.

Try one more iteration with just solids, no gradients.

Ditch the fake small caps and just go all caps for the subheader.

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Also, try a heavier weight of the typeface you used for SEVEX. It's too light in comparison to the icon.

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The mark (in my opinion) is to large compared to the type. I agree with adnix try a version with solid colors no gradients.

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Maybe it's just my interest in typography but it seems like a single part logo ( just the name) would be cooler where letter design was the thing that carried the day rather than this two part model. I did make a stab at working with your elements just to see what would happen. Here it is if you want to check it out.

I think the top of the v & x enternd too far & the e looks like an egg. It isn't working for me.

Right now neither the name or the mark are cool enough on their own. But they are not cooler together either - there is no synergy here in my opinion.

Also I still don't get what sevex means - this is going to sound harsh even though I mean it with all sympathy - I think that this identity isn't going to be great until you start letting go of the work you have done & ask yourself what your goals are & what might meet those goals better than what you have so far. This could mean tossing out the mark & even the name if need be.

What kind of illustration & graphic design do you do?

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I'm designing print media, Internet graphics (Illustration and web-design) and Idendity.
Sevex is a virtual nickname that I carried around since I was in the Internet (which is quite a long time).

The goals I assigned for myself in the beginning of the process are symple, clean and colorful Idendity which will present me as a grpahic designer.
I can come up with a new name, since it is yet-to-born business. but I like the current one, it has an eye-catching look and abstract feeling
to it, dont you think?

For the Synergy, I'll just keep working on it.

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I like the look of 1 although there is still room for improvement in the middle of the S, the V and X are a little too big, the escher-like image may look better a bit (but only a little) tighter to the logo and vertically centred on SEVEX, and the graphic design line would look better in all caps and will probably need to be larger to work at small sizes. I don't really see a problem with the weight of the strokes in a printing context.
Also I like the mystery of the name I really don't see why the name, in this case, should mean anything as long as it is catchy and memorable; the X mark needn't have negative connotations as in vote cast, x marks the spot etc.
Getting there

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Here are some solid color veriations. I also got the 'S', 'X' and 'V' fixed + refined The subheader.
Update no.6

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#9 seems the most tasty. I wonder if the 'graphic design aught to be centered under sevex. Also I wonder about getting the 'mark' to tie into sevex by maling the weight of the lines more similar to those in sevex so they clearly rel;ate to each other. Therer is some restraint in 9 that has been lacking up to now. cool.

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I added blue color instead of the dark green In the symbol.
I think I finished by that, what do you say?
Typophile">Update no.7

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Sorry, here is the file.

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Looks good, I am still not convinced by the weight of the stroke in the middle of the S though, of course if you are, it is finished. Hope it assists you in your business.

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I agree with Eben - allthough you go through great lengths refining the design, which has it merits, the communicative value of the logo isn't up to par.

The icon tells me something about complexity and simplicity. This is good - making the complicated simple is a designer's core business. The friendly colours work as well; they warm up the hard lines.

The name and the type are something else, though. It might be my cultural background, but Sevex has a very harsh ring to me. It sounds latin to me, a word I would associate with a roman warrior or a very synthetic compound. The type doesn't soften this harshness - although it is somewhat rounded, the letters are too skinny to make this felt.

So if this were a choir, the different singers are very much out of tune.

In what you write I feel you are very attached to the name - for it's history as a nickname. But an Internetnick is very, very different from a graphic design business. I might sound a bit blunt, but I think a different name might make this a good logo in stead of a passable one.

My work is a game. A very serious game [M.C. Escher]

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Looks good but also looks like a simple variation of the Windows branding system.

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Hmmm... I don't get that.

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I thought that as well. The colour scheme (equal parts of red, blue, yellow, green aranged four-square) definitely brings Microsoft to mind.

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Microsoft - yeah. Totally. It seems obvious. It may look to clients like your are trying to ride their coattails & this won't feel good. That is why I liked 9 - and the incomplete feeling it had was more eye catching.

The middle of the s in sevex is weak. It looks too thin.

I think if you are in the middle east sevex sounds positively soft next to all the glottal stops ( if thats what they are called) in hebrew & arabic.

Bart makes some good points!

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