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Hi Everyone!

I'm new here. I've been really into type these days, so I decided to join! Hope to get to know people here. Fun!

I just designed a logo for an interior design company which also provides graphics (all graphics go to me), and here is the final logo. I'm a very minimalist and simplistic designer (which I am trying to break out of) and so are the owners of the company, so the relationship was great.

Let me know what you think. I created the lettering myself on illustrator. Let me know if it looks too much like another popular logo that I might not know. I'm very new in graphics (graduated last year), so I want to know if this stacks up to the industry standards. Corporate ID is by far my favorite and what I'm best at.

I'm very nervous about reading your opinions!
There probably wont be any changes, but let me know what you think.

Davide :)

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I like it a lot. The only change I'd recommend is making the 'i' just a hint shorter, bring the legs of the 'n' up a hint, and do the same with the 'l'. The bowls of letters such as 'o', 'g', and 'n' should be slightly above/below the baseline and x-height to compensate for the visual trick of the eye caused by their form. Otherwise, it'll look like the circular forms aren't aligning properly with the x-height and baseline, and appear too small. It's very subtle, because you have so many circular forms. I notice it most on the 'i'.

You will run into trouble if this logo has to be faxed. 'dgn.' may drop out entirely. You may want to come up with a design that accounts for the essentially 100% black-only conditions of a fax machine.

Again, other than that, I think it's great.

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Thanks crugen!

I have come up with an all black version. I revised this quite a bit.. at first I used an outline stroke, but the client was unsatisfied. I finished the job wit a .5 stroke at about a 35 degree angle.. im going to upload this so you can take a look.

Thanks for the response! I'm going to try and make these type adjustments you suggested!

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consider adding an "s" to "dgn." Right now I read it as "igloo-diggin" and I think others might too, confusing your client's potential customers.

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The thing is, I made this lettering and an S would be very difficult for me to maek. I might give it a try! Thanks!

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