Could Someone explain to me.

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I tryed atomicmedias tut to make flash pixel fonts but it didnt work. For the past 1 year ive been making pixel fonts for flash another way which is explained here.

But i would like to know how FFF makes their fonts and how they prevent fill in.

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The problem occurs when points from two different paths are directly on top of each other and one of the paths is a counter (like the inside of an "o").

The method shown in the old Atomic Media tutorial (no longer available) was to use Fontographer's Change Weight command to make the characters slightly bolder, then use the Remove Overlap command. This causes the outside of the glyph to get larger and the inside smaller, neatly moving the offending points away from each other.

There are other ways to do it, but the main thing is to avoid overlapping points.

FWIW, the method in the tutorial you linked to works too, but the "cut" would be visible in some uses (if you used it large, for example).

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Test your fonts on the trial of Flash MX 2004, then select your text and push the ALIAS TEXT button, you can edit the grid to 1x1 px to draw with pixels direct on flash too... finally export your swf.


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I've been testing some different kinds of fonts in FlashMX 2004 and it looks like the filled-in-counter problem has been fixed! This means that all the various techniques that have been developed to get Flash to behave with pseudo-bitmap fonts are no longer needed (except if you use earlier versions of Flash). This will greatly simplify the creation of such fonts.

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