arg! how do i install an FFIL font in OSX

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do you need to put ext after it? when i double click it it won't load in my font book.. what even is FFIL?
tx in advance!

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wow very helpful! i think it's installed...thanks!

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yes it did! thanks a million.

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An FFIL is a font suitcase as seen by OS X. It contains screenfonts (bitmaps) and kerning data for PostScript fonts, or Mac TrueType fonts, or possibly all of the above. It doesn't behave quite the same as it did pre-OS X--in other words, you can't look inside it in the Finder as if it was a folder.

You might see another kind of font file with a similar icon labeled LWFN. These are PostScript Type 1 fonts. To install a PostScript font, you need the corresponding FFIL file. In some cases there may be one FFIL associated with several LWFN files.

If an FFIL file contains TrueType fonts, then that's all you need to install the TrueType font(s) contained within it.

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