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Announcing the first annual
Typophile t-shirt design contest.

Through August 30th, Typophile is holding open submissions for our first annual Typophile t-shirt design contest.

Design submissions will be posted daily to the forums for public review and critique. Tune in daily and root on your favorite design. The final design will be decided by our guest panel of judges, who will judge the shirts on overall design, originality, and feasibility.

Say hello to our guest panel of judges:
Cyrus Highsmith (Font Bureau)
Jonathan Hoefler (The Hoefler Type Foundry)
Carlos Segura (T26)
Rich Roat (House)
Erik van Blokland (Letterror)

The winning design will be printed and made available to all via Typophile. If your design is chosen, we'll send you three free shirts as thanks for your contribution, and make sure that you get proper credit for a job well done.

Once you've downloaded the EPS template, submit your finished designs to You many enter as many times as you wish. All work submitted will be posted to the forums anonymously for fair, impartial judgement and critique by your peers.

_ Use the EPS template provided for download at
_ The word

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