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Karlgeorg Hoefer was one of the foremost German calligraphers of the 20th Century. He taught at the HfG Offenbach from 1947 through 1979. During the 1980s, he founded the Schreibwerkstatt Offenbach (Calligraphy Workshop Offenbach), which organized calligraphy lessons, workshops, and exhibitions for the general public. This is very closely alligned with the Klingspor Museum.

Hoefer designed many typefaces throughout his career. His first typeface was Salto, which was published by the Klingspor foundry during the early 1950s. He would later design typefaces for Ludwig and Mayer, D. Stempel AG, and Linotype Library. FE Engschrift, the font from which German license plates are made, is based off of one of Hoefer's lettering experiments from the 1970s.

One of Hoefer's sons, Otmar Hoefer, followed his father into the printing industry, and today is the Product Marketing Director at Linotype Library.

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