Grid Systems In Graphic Design

Grid Systems in Graphic Design is a book by Swiss graphic designer, Joseph Müller-Brockmann that was originaly published by Verlag Niggli AG, Zürich, in 1961. The book is currently in its 4th edition, still being published by Niggli out of Switzerland. Since then it is continously refferenced when dealing with grids, and most contemporary books on the subject almost always come back to sourcing this masterpiece.

This book is an invaluable resource for any graphic designer, or exhibit designer for that matter (the book covers 3-dimensional spaces in addition to 2d) who wants to bring some structure and order to their work. This manual covers the typographic grid in many respects, from its basic functions, to working with different paper sizes, developing grid systems that are suitable for the content, keeping the grid consistant, and of course using it to intergrate type and image into it.

While some may argue that this book is a manual for modernist designers who relied heavily on what many saw as ridgid grid structures, it is advised to learn the basics of the grid (and this is the perfect resource to do so) before trying to break free from it. In addition to that there are other newer books on the subject also compliment this text nicely with current examples that offer alternate ways to implement it more intuitively such as Timothy Samara's "Making and Breaking the Grid".

ISBN: 3721201450

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