WikiBlast! 1000+ entries by TypeCon

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Join us in our push to get over 1000 entries in the TypoWiki before TypeCon!

Now that you can see which entries need content (look for the red "w") let's pull together to populate the wiki for TypeCon.

The TypoWiki currently holds 433 entries (and innumerable revisions of those entries) - this means 38 new entries per day between now and TypeCon to make our goal. Add hundreds of authors, and it should not be a problem, right? Right?

Well, we want to offer an incentive. The top five (5) wiki authors will receive our new Typophile t-shirt, originally designed by Christopher Simmons. The rest of you will be able to get this tee with your membership(s).

Important Note! Make your entries QUALITY. Creating a swarm of one-line entries will only work AGAINST you. While all input is welcome, only entries with at least 20 words will be factored toward a position in the top 5.


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Awesome stuff.

I still get alot of access denied's while browsing the wiki, and some wikis from the past don't show up under the track feature (unless thats new?) whats the scoop on that?

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i think there should be some kind of counter that shows how many wiki entries there are on the wiki home page.

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OK, about the "access denied" thing, this is what I have figured out so far. It appears that the Wiki is making up incorrect addresses for some of the links, and the addresses are case sensitive. For example, when you click on the "Indices" link, it uses this address - But it should be this - The difference is the cap "I" on "Indices" in the address.

Another example: This link to Blackletter -, should have a lower case "b". So there doesen't seem to be any rhyme or reason to the link names case.

I have also found this kind of link -, which dosen't work. the "%20" part of that address represents a "space", so that is OK. But if I change the first "s" to a "S" then it works. Hmmm.

I have also found this oddity. In a Wiki link to a string like " Barnhart Brothers & Spindler", it will truncate it to "Barnhart Brothers", ignoring everthing after the "&"... sometimes... not all the time.

I think I understand the -Title Link|Title Displayed- syntax, but I don't think everyone gets this. Not everyone is going to type -American Type Founders|ATM-. And since there is not a real search yet, it is sometimes hard to tell if a Wiki link does not have an entry or if it is not linking properlly to an existing entry. I guess we just have to police this as best we can to try to avoid multiple entrys.

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Thanks James. I'm working on some code to normalize the titles. Right now the code that does this isn't very robust.

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For those who are still confused about what a "wiki" really is, there was an excellent story on the most successful implementation of the wiki concept, Wikipedia, yesterday on NPR's On the Media. You can listen to it on their site under the heading "Get Me Rewrite".

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OK, I got no beef on SxSW or Terminal, but I got your back on the rest. Got any more requests, Joe?


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Dang. You guys cleaned up.

Royal College of Art
Lynda Weinman
Eye Magazine
U&lc - Has a "test" note from me, to get around the ampersand bug with the wiki.

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Hey, was that some sort of bait? Bouma is not the same thing as Word Shape!! We had a good entry for "bouma" before (started by Forrest, tweaked by me), what happened to it?


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Hrant, I'm not sure what happened to it. Doing a Google search for bouma wiki content doesn't yield any cached Google entries for bouma. Bizarre.

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is there a simple way to check our own authorship status? or do i hafta stalk myself using the "track" feature?

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I wish I could read some of these. I keep getting a not authorized error whenever I try to read (most) wiki entries, even though I am logged in.

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well, maybe only 6 or so months later... but we're only 10 away from our goal of 1000 articles in the typowiki. maybe we'll break it today!

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