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Hello all,

I'm a touch nervous about submitting this to the board; I've been lurking here for awhile and have been very impressed with the quality of stuff that shows up, but here it goes...

I am a music student studying vocal performance/opera, but currently employed doing some basic design work as an intern at a pharma company. One thing that I've seen in the level of performing that I do is a lack of design consideration/awareness in promotional materials for small, less-funded groups or individual performers (including web, print, resumes, etc.). I have been toying with the idea of starting some type of design business/cooperative to provide some low-cost, coherent design for these types of people to try and give them a better chance to launch/improve their careers. Mostly, it would probably be just me (for the time anyhow) working in a freelance way, but eventually, I would like to get some other people collaborating.

About the logo: I was aiming towards something that was a little more friendly and warm that would be welcoming to people who don't necessarily know a lot about design. The elevated red box came after deciding (at least for the moment) on the name "updraft" for the organization, and provided a bit of motion to help tie in the name. It's still a work in progress, but I'd appreciate any comments to help direct my work. Thanks!

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I like the type, but I think the icon / symbol is quite cliché / interchangeable and provokes a kinda 'seen before' feeling.. ( What about 'just' creating a nice, minimal, friendly and soft wordmark, and just rotating it a few degrees to the left, so it reads slightly upwards.? Voilá.. 'Updraft'.. :)
I just love the simple things.. :)

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I agree about the icon but for a different reason, it doesn't say updraft visually. It could be interperted to mean exclusion (the red box doesn't fit in the blue world with orange boxes). I agree with formlos just make a word mark. As for the type, that face looks like type that had been photocopied to many times. Its very soft and not very well drawn. Look at a typeface like Eclat (commercial face) also called Creampuff (non commercial face) from DaFonts.

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I don't mind the concept as much as formlos, but I have a few comments:

1) The orange on blue combination is creating a vibration that's driving my eyes nuts. They either need to be further apart in value (degree of black/darkness) or not complimentary opposites. The effect in print could be even worse.

2) The grid of sqares is not an organized grid. The rows should align, otherwise it'll look sloppy. The colors make the misalignment harder to see and therefore seem more accidental. I assume it is.

3) The mark and the type don't feel integrated enough to me (though, I like the typeface and they aren't at odds with each other). Part of this may be the 3 colors in the mark vs. the black in the type. Your logo is 4 colors. Do you really want to pay for 4-color jobs every time your logo is involved? Why not narrow down to two? What about blue and red? The box could be blue and the type and jumping box could be red. It'll also make a conceptual connection. Black and one other color will keep most of your jobs down to 2-color.

Fundamentally, it's all about having a clean concept. Does 'updraft' refer to the (intended) cooperative nature of Updraft itself or the effect on the client using Updraft? Right now, the mark feels more like the latter, because the uplifted square is visually, tonally, and spatially different than the others.

That nicely curling 'f' in the name might be a nice visual element to play with. It reminds me of an upwardly curling draft/curl of steam.

Hope this helps.

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Cool - you're going the same route as I did (also an opera singer that went to design to keep $$ going) The two pair quite nicely because you can use your laptop in your dressing room between acts, etc. Although you may discover a love for design and end up flip flopping your careers like I did.

Sorry that wasn't about your logo but I'm not sure how to PM in the new format.

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