text face in Bob Woodward's "The Secret Man"

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Here is the image.

I was walking through Target and saw this yesterday. I recognized the type on the jacket, and thought I was seeing Carter's Mantinia, but when I cracked open the cover to see the title page, the display and text face looked very similar and played very well with it. I was curious if anyone could confirm Mantinia or if someone who has picked it up could confirm the text face. (As Mantinia is impossible.)


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I haven't seen the book, but my first guess would naturally be Galliard.

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Check out the B's in Galliard and Mantinia. The B on the book cover, the cross bar where the 2 bowls of the b meet. Galliards closes both bowls, Mantinia leaves the bowls connected and open.

Also check out the 'foot' of the R's. Galliards is rather plain, whilst Mantinia's has a rather pronounced brush flair.

I vote Mantinia.

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I'd agree that this is Mantinia.

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The cover is definitely Mantinia -- I was taking a guess at the text face. Galliard plays very well with Mantinia. ;)

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Yes, agreed. I wish I had scans. I'll get them up if I can pick up the book sometime soon.

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I was in Borders yesterday and took a look at this book. The text font appears to be John Hudson's Manticore, but there was no colophon to be sure.

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