Aldous Vertical seeks typographical companion for business card and more. Smokers need not reply.

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My client's logo (workmark, specifically) is his company name "CHOP!" set in Aldous Vertical (which is extremely condensed). Whenever possible, it is presented as an absence, laser cut from the paper (a few tiny tabs were added to allow the workmark to function as a stencil).

I am designing his business cards and a brochure. However, this wordmark is difficult to design around. Anything he has printed must be square. The workmark is essentially square as well. Because the back of the paper will feature the wordmark laser cut in reverse, I have restricted myself to using the front only.

Can anyone suggest a clean, elegant, sans serif font to use with Aldous Vertical? There will not be a great deal of body text. I have been playing with Avenir and Ledger Light. I can not decide of I should select something condensed or rather go for contrast?

Also, any suggestions on where I might place the business card text in relation to this cut away wordmark would be greatly appreciated. I generally prefer to avoid centred designs, but with the square within a square I am designing around, it might be the best option in this case.

Thanks for your help.


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The fellow who designed Aldous Vertical (actually Huxley Vertical) was Walter Huxley. You probably shouldn't use it since you have a prejudice against smokers. Which would likely also apply to the typeface designs of most type designers (including Huxley) prior to the last decade or so.

Good luck


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Go for a contrasting font to allow the mark to stand out on its own. I like the idea of Avenir Light. You might also look at Emigre's Vista Light

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