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Hi everyone! I'm so excited to have found you finally. Someplace to direct my typeface fetish, shh…

Anyway, first order of business:
A Logo for an online Scrapbooking supply store called The Memory Loft.
The basic idea is classic, but not stuffy.
Clean but detailed.
Controlled, but also indulgent.
Something to aspire to and be inspired by.
Design elements pastiche from roman, gothic, victorian architecture.

Here is the design I have been tweaking on for a while:

Memory-Loft-Logo-3-teal.jpg35.82 KB
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I like it, even if I think that there is maybe a tad too much going on for 'just' a logotype..
( And, You may loose details of the smaller type for 'Where ScrapBooking Dreams Come True', and the URL, when reducing / resizing the logo.. )

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The tagline and url will most likely be removed or moved to another part of the page when it is used in small spaces.

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I like the symmetrical balance because because it is suitable with classic form. I would recommend as a start to less the size of "Memory" to give more air to your logo, and you may at that manner use a sans serif font.
The contrast between calligraphy "The" "Loft" and serif "M" inside them is makeing a drop for my eye.. because I am seeing Serif "M" entered the logo toughly.. espcially that oriantl shape which help to draw a reveresed triangle in "M" upper charge. The triangle is going to confuse eye while it is reading. I think you may use more smooth "M" and give some better relation between "The", "M" and "Loft" because It doesn't look fine for me the way "Loft" pasted to "M"

I agree to loose the URL and I recommend "Where scrapbook dreams come true" to be at some sans serif font aslo, just in case the logo gone small.

For that decorative shape I like how you drew it. And Good job in general

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I'm not a fan of the gradation on the dingbat, I think it could work just as well as a solid color. Add more space between the M and Memory, its to tight, its chocking. Nice work

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I would like to see the M working with a non-symmetrical ornament, or rather, less symmetrical than the one you have. The colour of the type is overwhelming the gradation. Have you looked at using the ornament and M as the focus and have the name of the business below as completely subordinate. The tagline has too much tracking and should use small caps as the W is way too heavy for the rest of the line. And the ME in MEMORY could do with a touch more space and to align the top serif with the lefthand serif of the M. Having said that it does present a strong concept.

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Thanks for the great feedback.
I've acutally been tweaking with many of the same things you have all mentioned here: Spacing between The and M and Loft, spacing and size of Memory, color of dingbat, small caps in tagline, etc.

The thing I really had not worked on was what shawkash said about the readability across. The dingbat breaks up the flow and Memory forces the eye down; these issues make it too hard to read. I'm not sure how to address this problem without significantly redesigning the whole thing. Does anyone else see this as a problem?

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I see what you're saying about it being awkward to read straight across. The only thing I can think of to fix it without a major revision would be to somehow put "Memory" over the "M" and perhaps make the "M" a lighter color, like what you've got in the dingbat.

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you may change the "M" shape to something more smoother just to break the reveresed triangel. you may also give changes for ur decorative graph.. it is all just brainstorming from me

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To me, the company name reads "The M Loft Memory"

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First time I've seen Voluta Script used in a long time... :-) I like the general style, but as others have mentioned, it doesn't feel finished yet.

To my eye the capital L breaks the visual symmetry. 'The' snuggles up nicely against the capital M, but on the right I'd almost wish 'Loft' to lean to the left. The L takes up a lot of space. Have you tried un undercase L?

It is nice work, though.

My work is a game. A very serious game [M.C. Escher]

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James, I like the mark as a mark. It's visually diverse and grabs my eye. But the moment I try to get something more from it, it's a 4-way traffic jam. If I had final say, I'd say "drop the 'memory' part", but it's 'The Memory Loft', not 'The M Loft' (which I kind of like more, but that's irrelevant here). It works if you don't try to read it. The visual scale shifts too dramatically from element to element, particularly since they are meant to be read in a line.

I'd suggest either figuring out which elements to eliminate/visually supress, or let this beautiful and florid creature go. I'm in love with the M and the ornament, but love doesn't make a good logo, unfortunately. Also, ditch the full cap 'W' in the tagline, or use full initial caps on every word. The 'W' disrupts the symmetry.l

Perhaps if you shrink and track the word 'memory' it'll work, as shawkash suggested? Make 'memory' as out-of-the-way as you can, since the viewer only needs it once to decipher the meaning of the 'M'. This may backfire at small sizes, though. This all hinges on how happy the client is with the idea that they'll almost inevitably end up 'The M Loft' in people's minds. It's a great start, but you may need to backpedal.

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It seems way to elegant/well-crafted/purposeful to appeal to the typical scrapbooking demographic. Maybe add some sequins? Or 10 more fonts? Some rubber stamp art?

JK ;o)

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I would second crugens comments. I read it as The M Memory Loft.

I also think, you are losing some of the core aspects of a scrap book, which is the idea of "made by hand". I guess you are touching on that with the script face, but when I think of scrap books I think of tape, glue, torn edges, and lots of handwriting.

That said, I like the classic aspect you are working into this. Sort of like if Tolleson were making a scrapbook (i.e. reference the classic, and refine it to a diamond.)

not into the gradient so much. neither the capitol small cap W, not needed really.

I'd also think of some kind of frame for this. think old books, old scrapbooks. They always have such cool frames around their titles.


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Ok I've followed several of the suggestions regarding tweaks on this current design: Spacing of L in Loft, spacing and size of MEMORY, lowercase w, gradiant…

Revised version

And then I've experimented briefly with some different layouts.

Experiment 1
Experiment 2
Experiment 3

shawkash, I'm having trouble finding an M with a smoother/higher charge that also flows with the rest of the design. Any suggestions for a typeface?

Regarding incorporating a more "scrapbook feel" to the design: I agree these designs don't conform to the stereotypical scrapbook look. I guess that is part of the idea here. Scrapbooking is moving quickly into new directions, and many scrapbookers (including my clients) feel the rubberstamp typefaces, etc. are outdated and frankly becoming trite.

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While experiment #3 still needs work, I think it's the most successful. It reads as 'The Memory Loft' and the 'M' makes a stronger singular mark. It's got a lot of great potential, but the 'M' needs tweaking to read better. I'm eager to see what you come up with.

I like your font choice, as well.

I know it's been said before, but you should create a solid logo, then design the tag and URL to work with it. Having that clutter around it makes it harder to focus on the design of the logo itself.

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I am sorry for lateing to answere this. I was busy and not connecting the Typophile forum.

shawkash, I’m having trouble finding an M with a smoother/higher charge that also flows with the rest of the design. Any suggestions for a typeface?

My own advice for you, is to go for a Calligraphic form, which is clean and readable. May be like Roman Calligraphy because Roman is reflecting the old times and classic, also because it is still gives 2 aspects of calligraphy and some type feeling.

You may also open it in your vector editor (Freehand or illustrator or any ) and begin to convert your fonts to paths, and draw a dynamic relation between M and other 2 words beside it.

This is my own suggestion, I think it will save your time rather than going to branch ideas like the 3 expriment you sent here. Btw, good jo b at expriment 3. I just found the orienment is not the same quality like the first.

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As it was probably said, the symbol's gradient doesn't reflect the image that comes to mind when you think of a scrapbooking store.

A tagline is best used in a logotype if the symbol is best used small as opposed to a larger symbol.

The core of the design speaks more to the view/customer than everything thrown together.

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