Seeking a showing of Kobe.

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I wonder if anyone here might have a decent showing of the old Art Nouveau typeface Kobe that they might be willing to scan and send my way. Right now all I've got is a small, low-res, curled page scan.

I need Kobe (solid), not Kobe Open.

Amongst all of my books and catalogs, I find only one limited showing of Kobe Open – which is useless for my needs. I don't think that it is on any of the Dover/Dan Solo CD-ROMs, but perhaps in one of their 100 Font picture books?

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Mike, just a snippet of your small, low-res, curled page scan would probably be helpful...

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I make no guarantees that I can find it, but Dan Solo gave me several assorted specimen sheets a his typeface catalog in the late '80s ( I can't remember if Kobe was included). It's probably buried under at least a ton of paper, but if I can find it over the weekend I will scan and send it to you.

Yes, I'm old, you can tell by the junk I kept!

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I've got a good specimen of kobe. I will scan it and send it soon.

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Ok, I have it scanned Mike. Where would like me to send it?

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Thank you very much for the offers.

You'll need this:

Nick, see here:

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Shu, I think at this point we are all interested. Can you post it for all? Or, I could post it for all of us to see as well.

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hey that looks very close to something which was part of a paper sample which Louise Fili designed years ago. hmmm ... where is that thing.

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Hey Tiff,

I know its late. But I will make a new posting to show Kobe for all.

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better late than never. :^D thx shu.

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