batch operations in fontlab

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Quick question, is there a way to select multiple glyphs and batch convert to lines? Or do I have to open each individual glyph in an editing panal, select it, right click, go to convert, select lines, then go on to the next glyph over and over?

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what do you mean convert to lines?

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In font lab you have 3 types of points. I don't know the terminology. What I do know is this. Select an outline, right-click on the outline, in the context menu there is a section with two entries "convert" and "connection" the sub-menu for convert has 3 options:
Convert -> To Curves
           To Lines
           To Off-Curve Points

Thing is, it appears you can only access these options on a per-glyph basis. That's what I mean.

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Here is some Python code that will do what you're asking for:


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