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"Photobar," a photo-software company, is going to introduce a new in-store kiosk where you can take in your digital camera's memory card and insert it into the computer and print out your photos. They want to market to middle-aged Midwesterners.

The original of the name "Photobar" is that the company wants their kiosks to be like a bar, as in "pub" or "liquor cabinet" or something. That's all I've got to work with.

I've got 9 directions, none too-too worked out, mostly because it's hard to work just on form without knowing if what you're doing is anywhere near expectations. That said, you can critique based strictly on form or offer ideas that could make "Photobar" look more like Photobar.

Much thanks in advance.

My favs are 9, 1, and 7.

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I like number 1 if you make the black shape more camera shaped. A hortizontal rectangle and maybe soften the edges. I'm sure you know the type needs work, it needs more character.

One other thought, you might do something with the LED screen that digital snapshot cameras use. The reason number 9 doesn't work is there is no film. Its an icon of a past era for your clients technology.

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Of your favorites, I like number 1 the best.

But I like 4 and 8, too. Four looks so old fashioned, but I like that. I have a feeling that the client might want something in the direction of 8's kitsch.


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I would avoid any reference to film or martini to avoid any confusion. I would also say that your demographic combined with the client's intention to make a bar might call for a serif/inviting face rather than the more mechanical/scientific feel of your sans choices. I like the icon in number 1 but I think making the camera double as a P as well (if that's what you intended, if not I'm reading too much into it) is not working.

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The re-work is attached in my initial post.

The client wanted to see the old film reels, so I have to leave them in. I might show the martini glass just because.

I like #5 now.

Thanks for the comments. It's hard to see these things with a critical eye when you've been staring at them so long!

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The 'make it like a bar/pub' just doesn't make any sense. Shouldn't they make it like a 'friendly digital photo printing kiosk'?

I'd move away from any film reference and maybe focus on photo references. Also, consider using some more fluid faces.

The client wanted to see the old film reels, so I have to leave them in. I might show the martini glass just because.

Help your client think through this. Point out the obvious...that anyone using a digital camera is using it to get rid of the film, and that processing family photos has absolutely nothing to do with downing a martini. For the demographic, it seems that the core emphasis should be on things like 'fast' and 'easy to use'.

Of the ones you showed, #5 is definitely the one I'd go with.

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The major problem with this job is that I'm contracting for a web developer (we're making the website also) and he's the client liaison. I'm getting my info 2nd hand and have unsuccessfully lobbied to talk with the client. In a perfect world I'd have more info, but sometimes you just gotta get the job done. Eh. The martini glass is my visual attempt to make them realize how dumb of an idea it is. Let's hope it works.

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The martini glass is my visual attempt to make them realize how dumb of an idea it is. Let’s hope it works.

That *never* works...especially when you aren't the one in direct contact with the client.

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I agree with aluminum. Also, I recommend ignoring the hell out of the bar theme* and just designing a strong logo for a digital photo kiosk. The name says bar, and I imagine the kiosk design will be bar-ish. Since you're so removed from the core issues, I'd just try stay away from the obviously shaky ideas.

Preventing you from contacting the client directly is, frankly, asinine. And probably has nothing to do with you and everything to do with ass-covering on someone else's end. But you probably already knew that. I just get rankled when I hear about silly client-side runarounds like that.

*The client will love the most bar-like logo, as it reaffirms their judgement.

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They took #5.

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