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I need some advice on the kerning for this logo.

The gallery specializes in Aboriginal art, so I wanted it to maintain an indigenous feel, both in colour and symbolism, while still remaining attractive to an overseas (mainly German and Holland) corporate market.

The gallery will also serve as a store/gallery for tourists.

The symbol is called a Journey Circle, as I wanted to avoid using a literal translation of a foot.

I am not very confident in my ability to kern so I need help in making this visually balanced. So far FOOTSTEPS is looking inconsistant. But I cannot put my finger on it.


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Just tighten up "LE" and "RY" a bit.
And move the "sun" a hair to the left.


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thanks for that hrant.

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I'm not experienced enough to help you with the type, but the logo as a whole is great!

I love how theyre not perfect circles, which is absolutely relevant to aboriginal art.

Very good take and awesome overall job so far!

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