Airline logo: feedback, please

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I could use any suggestions, comments, etc. about this logo, for a startup airline.

Also, if anybody has any ideas for an airline name, that would be appreciated too. Thanks.

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I dont want to sound too harsh, but.: So what you basically did yet is set two words, using pretty 'standard', common typefaces ( Like Helvetica, News or Trade Gothic ).? I am not too sure about that being very unique, or memorable, what about you.? This could be for everything.. You could have tried to slightly customize / modify these typefaces.. But, I think you may want to return to sketching and scribbling various ideas on paper ( again ), instead of starting out with setting type on screen..

What may help you as well is seeing what other airlines did, and what their logos look like.:
> ( Airline Logos )
> :)

( Is this for a school / university project, Or do you actually have the opportunity to find a new name and create a new brand for an airline.? )

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If this is real, that's a tall order you're asking free advice on.

A startup airline company with no name? It's not a logo that needs to be done, but an entire branding campaign.

I think you need to answer formlos' question before getting advice.

Yes, I'm old, but I'm being re-branded!

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I rarely venture into critique of type usage, but...

1) That lc "a" is not "standard", it's Barbarella. Try something like Kievit* instead.
2) For the "airways" I think all-caps is good, but something smaller, wider, looser and darker.
3) For a logo, what about a pennant shape? Since "standard" also means flag, and the pennant is associated with wind.
4) Yeah, totally nail down the name first! :-/ Not to mention the target clientele, etc.


Oh, and don't forget the free peanuts if you use any of our ideas.


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I'm guessing this is some type of school project?
If not, you may wish to take a few steps back (like as far as the starting line).

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Branding an airline is one of the most difficult tasks for a designer. Mostly it's a team of designers who work on the first ideas for weeks. Designing every single unit, from badges to counters, from wingtips to guidebooks, that's a very intense job which takes months, even years.
There are examples of very basic low-budget airliners (Easy Jet, Ryanair...), but still they are very clever designs, using very common type like Cooper or Helvetica Extended, and it works. You don't want a low-budget liner looking too fancy.

Anyway, good luck with it...

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First thing I agree with Kyle this looks like a school project. If you intend to use the logo as signage think of a stop sign. It is knocked out type from a bright solid color. There is a reason for this, its because its visible from a far distance. The same think but opposite for a yeild sign (black type against a bright yellow background). In both cases the type has to be bold to be seen at a distance. Airline, distance get it, the thin type doesn't work.

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