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My budget is around $600. Would like 13x19, reasonable accurate color and crisp text. I just started looking and I have found the Epson Stylus Photo R1800. I am a freelance designer working from home so money is tight, but need a solid printer for client reviews.
Any responses would be greatly appreciated!


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I've gone through a number of cheap inkjets and haven't found anything that comes close to epson for final prints or proofs. Their ink quality and the colors are just way better than anything else I've found. Like any inkjet, they have a number of issues to be aware of.

The most important problem is that the nozzles can clog and render the printer useless. This is best addressed by turning the printer off when it's not being used.

The other, more immediate and chronic issue is the cost of the black ink. Personally, I have a little $60 Canon that I use for utility printing and save the Epson for when it counts.

Good luck.

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The Epson are really the best route. They have something for just about every price point, too.

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Any experience with the Epson StylusRip software? Or printing from pdf. Epson sales is telling me the best in my price range is the 2200 with rip sofware, but the 2200 is discountinued so limited availibility.

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StylusRIP software is usable. But, I'm still using the PPDs from OS9 through Tiger. I really don't trust the new PPDs at all.

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I've had to go to using PowerRip third party RIP for my 3000. I've always found the Epson RIP fussy and a paper eater.

The 3000 needs too much attention with the print heads. It does, however, run banner paper which is fantastic. I'm cheap so I'll keep running it until it dies.

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