Who, if anyone, do you use for printing?

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There are so many companies online to purchase color printing from these days. It seems like every few weeks, a new one pops up, undercutting the previously lowest priced printer. We've had our share of good and nightmarish experiences. Is there a printer(s) you would highly recommend? Lets get some epinions!

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Modern Postcard

Great service and quality.

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I've been happy with them.

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I've used www.cocolor.com in CA for about 6 years and haven't been disappointed yet. You can't beat their prices and the quality is excellent.

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Have you tried www.vistaprint.com? I used them for postcard printing for my wedding photo thank you cards. Most of their designs and templates are for business but I was able to design something myself by uploading photos and whatnot. The quality was great and the price was unbeatable.

I think this is the postcards page or you can just click around to find them from the home page... :) www.vistaprint.com/vp/ns/splash/splash_postcards.aspx

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Because I live near their retail store (?!), I've used Clubcard which offers both 1-day turnaround on digital printing, and longer turnaround on my new favorite thing; hi-res stochastic screened offset. Gives amazingly crisp type and unbelievable detail for photos. The screening is so fine, you need higher-res digital images than with normal offset, or pixels will show.

Clubcard has a location in Vancouver as well as SF. Their presses aren't any trade secret, and actually their screening process isn't either (look around on their website). You could try to locate someone in your area that uses them.

If you work with Clubcard, do make sure to provide all the crops and marks, as they gang many jobs and aren't necessarily pampering your job when it's run.

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