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Hello everyboy,
I have worked in the last months in a new design. Please take a look at the link bellow. Critics and suggestions are welcome

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I like it. It has a nice flavor for display, or very small texts. It is both pixely (obviously) but also - full of personality. The flavor of that personality is hard for me to describe. Part of that comes from the way the personality interferes with legibility. Actually, that's part of the flavor. A kind of willful disreagard for easy reading. The clash is part of what is interesting but it also obscures the flavor of what is below that for me. It makes you say, what is that? Like a curtain or a cloud in front of something. I guess what I mean is that to me it adds interest. Under that cloud is what? I am not sure. It is decorative & old fashioned but I guess I don't know my type history enough to guess at it's source. It does feel a bit dutch or spanish to me.

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The word "personality" sprung to my mind too. I think it's actually surprisingly legible. When you look at the glyphs individually, it seems like they shouldn't work together, but set as words, they do, in an almost inexplicable way.

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Hi everybody,
thanks for the posts. Maybe the great mystery behind pixeleite is the way as the serif became a module because of the grid. What you guys thinks?
I don't understood about the dutch and spanish flavour, can you explain better?

I fixed the problems with popups in the Making-off session. Take a look.

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I wasn't sure why I said those things at the time - they felt right, but I didn't know why. Now I think I can explain.

About the 'Spanish'.

- What I am thinking of here is : ironwork, there is a certain kind of ironwork I saw when I was in spanin in Granada & Cordoba whose density & shape have something in common with the letterforms

-also, there is a kind on Spanish Caligraphy with Small & large leters whose cross bars remind me of yours. Totally Different style & yet there was a common feeling. Also, your font remineded me of the tilework I saw in Granada, Spain. None of this is provable - just my own resonance.

- I think in part it is the way the decoration feels like an overlay that makes me associate this way. I guess I could be associating your font with western wood type because of the middle of the letter decoration but I don't...

About the 'Dutch'.

-There was alot of experimentation with geometric forms that dutch designers did which was not a retro 50's 60's 70's or 80's tech kind of thing but had to do simply with with geometry. Wim Crouwel comes to mind but there were lots of other earlier than him too. I don't think of your font as having the tech associations that other pixel type suggests - and that's why I think dutch.

What do you think of these associations? What made you decide to make the font the way you did? You have some explaination text but is there more to say?

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Interesting appointments you did Eben. But I disagree of the most of all. About the Spanish look and feel: no iron works! Maybe ceramics! :) Sometimes the lowercases look to me as a calligraphy piece, sometimes. Anyway, to me the tech inspiration is present in the typeface, but with a exotic appeal.
I really like the Dutch design work. In Brazil we have a great heritage of the European vanguards.
Anyway when I start the font my mind was clear but I have only one the statement: Please everything else except another boring pixel font. During the drawings I respect the grid for the most of characters but sometimes don’t (M for example). This kind of deliberated disobedience create most of the characters.

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I didn't mean to suggest that my mental associations had anything to do with what you had in mind or intended. Just that this is how the font felt to me.

Maybe the dutchmen wore off on you - influenced you.

I think that by your own standard you have a success.

What have people said to you about the font? I am interested.

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Hi Eben,

don't worry! I really like your comments. Since I started to show the fonts, 1 or 2 months ago, I received different opinions but the overall concern was positive. The readability and legibility is a recurrent topic but is really not my principal matter. The exploration of the formal aspect to me is more important in this case. I agree with the legibility crusaders in some points. The uppercases works much better than the lowercases. The more difficult to me was draw some diacritcs signals because of the complexity of some one. In the last days I´m working in another versions. One is the same drawing but is for print and the others are for “ultra-large” sizes. Take a look bellow.

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Normally I would say, ho ho, I know that filter too... but Actually it seems right. I think it would be great to be able to have two sizes where the Outline width matched. So for example a size say 72pt. where the out line is maybe 50 em units ( or whatever ) and a 36 where the outline is 100 em units. That way they would be the same thinkness when set together. See what I mean?

I am not sure where you are going with the 2nd one.

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Yes i'm using the filter :) But i'm working over it because the filter alone make some crappy.

Humm two diferent glyph sizes? Sorry i' don´t understanded you. Tell me more.

I´m planning make other versions with the same outline size but prepared to work in different layers. To make colored versions do you understand? This is a photoshop preview:

what you think?

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The red outline part, if you make it twice as thick in one version as another then they can be set together & match. Do you see what I mean?

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First: this type has a very strong andine flavour, I like it a lot, it has much potential, it makes me think of some "Techno Inca" sort of thing.

Secondly: congratulations to Brazil for beating Argentina in the confederations cup and thanks for the vengeance (muajaja).


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Holla Héctor,

that was a nice game hehehe. And river plate loose too!

I like the "techno inca" :)

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Hi Eben, yes now I see :)

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Hi Eben, yes now I see :)

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Ahhh the Neder Pixeleite Rabisco is a sketched version (in portuguese rabisco means drafts, roughts, sketchs)

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Dear friends of Typophile, after a few months of work Neder Pixeleite is finished!

best regards,

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