Pulp Fiction

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Any good suggestions for fonts that evoke the typography of pulp fiction / 50s SciFi book covers? I'm not talking about your typical shaky dracula/swamp thing type. More the oblique, condensed sans-serifs...

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If you are going for the vintage hand-lettered comic & pulp fiction look, here are two well known sites devoted to comic book lettering:

Blambot Comic Fonts & Lettering

Yes, I'm old, but I'm back in style!

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sorry to be irrelevant to the thread, but can you tell me how i can get the alternative body copy that typophile has (versus 'lorem ipsum...'). you had the most recent post, and i need it quick, so i'm hoping you'll still be around to respond...

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Can you point us to some examples of what you mean, Chris?

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cchs, go to the link in the General Discussions under Paperback. It will give you some info.

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Cincinnati Poster from Letterhead Fonts

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