warped "Xavier"

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Two questions:
1. Anyone know what this started out as? It looks so familar I am embarassed to ask.


2. Does anyone know a good way of achieving this effect (short of redrawing by hand). I've tried Photoshop's text warp feature with mixed results. I'd like to know if there is a technique that can get me close, and then I can go in and make tweaks by hand.


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For the font, try a search for "latin" at MyFonts.com.
I've wondered about a decent warping solution as well. Anyone?


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A really useful plug-in for illustrator, see link below. Much, much much better than vector studio.


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Also, Type Styler and KPT Vector Effects. I don't know if these are still for sale. I go back to Illustrator 6 to use my Vector Effects.

Anyone know what the amazing Kai Krause is up to?


there used to be something called Type Twister, too. Way back.

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So, I just bought Filterit and it is amazing. It does a great job of manipulating text without the usual criminal distortions.

Still requires some hand tweaking of course, but a great place to start. Thanks for the tip!!

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