(x) CB2 Clock - Cholla {Yves}

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The closest numerals I can find are in Biortec Bold, which, oddly, has no zero, and I doubt a font that uncommon was used for this clock.

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Except for the '1', it looks a lot like Feliciano Morgan Sans

- Mike Yanega

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That's weird. I was just looking at that clock yesterday, thinking I might buy it for my dad for Father's Day.

No clue about the font, though.

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It's nice, isn't it? I love the way clocks make you notice numerals you wouldn't have noticed before.

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Oh, but you notice those numerals once you start using them. These are the numerals for Sibylle Hagmann's Cholla Unicase. We licensed the complete Cholla family a year or two ago. They seem a teensy bit bolder on the clock tho, and there is no bold weight with x-height numerals.

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Right you are, Yves! I guess the image is too small to determine whether a stroke was applied.

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Ahh, you can zoom in here. I dunno.

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