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Hello there,
I just wanted to see what everyone thought of this logo for a local Commercial Printing company. That's all i can really say about them.

I didn't realize that the link below didn't work right. I reattached the reworked version of the logo based on everyone's comments.

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i see a face in the two o's with the bent 'l' in between. i understand the idea, i just feel the application is a little choppy and too broken up between the circles. it starts to feel very seperated and not as one whole idea.

the larger circle seems to be lighter weight than the smaller ones...this might be an illusion? maybe try filling the smallest circle as red and turning the 'l' red as well? either that, or bring the small circle closer to the two large circles and even out the space between the two 'o's and the 'l'?

i'd also try losing the bend of the 'l' at the top and giving it it's height back to match the 'h' in graphics?

incorporated seems like an afterthought. might be too small. application wise, i think it is. if this is going on a business card small or some sort of letterhead, i think it will just end up as something unreadable.

is the little divet in the 'i' something you did of is that how the typeface is?


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I can see what you're trying to convey... I echo Will's post, I think that the 'incorporated' is too small and will get lost at small sizes.

I like your choice of typeface - clean edges and neat - the kind of attributes you expect from a print company!

I'm not convinced about the 'l' being dropped down - I like the idea of the print rollers and paper, but I feel it's a bit forced; really you should be able to read the wording first and then the reference to the print rollers should hit you separately as you 'get it'. For me it's not working properly either way, not as a word, or as a clever graphic of print rollers.

I think that part of why it's not working properly is the small out-of-place 'o' - I didn't read it as a part of the word - I saw it as a symbol, because it's so small in comparison with the rest of the glyphs. To be honest, I see it as either 'coloraphics' or 'colgraphics'

I'd perservere with the idea, try wrapping the paper 'l' a different way maybe. I'd like to see it work, I think the concept behind it is great.

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I agree with both of you on the "incorporated" it was a bit of an afterthought. I hate that you have to put "inc" or "incorporated" due to "piercing the corporate vail." Oh well, we're still pushing through that.

The "i" divid is on purpose. I agree on the "h" and "l" issue with the height. I didn't notice that to be honest. I was too concerned with maintaining the white space between the paper and rollers.

I think some of the readability issues you both mentioned may be due to the color treatment. What do you think?

To be honest everyone else this was shown to didn't have any problem seeing it as "Colorgraphics." This was the first someone said it didn't look like it. Again, maybe color treatment?

The small "o" is actually was put there to further the formation of the "g."

I'm going to work with the "l" a bit more and see what develops. I think that may be the basis for some of these issues. I'll also work on the color treatment. I'm not satisfied with it to begin with.

Thank you so much for your comments.

Joseph Szala
Prestidigitator Extraordinaire

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Joseph Szala
Vigor Graphic Design, LLC.

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Hey everyone,
I made some type and color treatment changes. I used some your suggestions and added some more of my own observations. Any new thoughts?

New Logo Exploration

Joseph Szala
Vigor Graphic Design, LLC.

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I agree with other commenters the logo looks a bit forced. I don't perceive it as a unity; I think a logo that makes you think it is constructed isn't finished yet.

Apart from that - the print roller idea isn't quite original. It is like the use of cmyk colors in logo's for printing companies; a bit overused. What would be important for this company's clients? I would guess that print rollers don't tell them anything about what makes this company stand out.

Keep up the good work.

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