Font Audit in FontLab

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I just have a general question about those of you using FontLab. Do you think its okay to let FontLab add points to your glyphs? Does that help when hinting the font, or is there a general rule that the least amount of points possible in a glyph is the way to go? Are fonts with the least amount of points considered better drawn?

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For me its not okay to let anyone add points to my outline! But for most of the automated, traced, trashed stuff around, the automated optimize will help to fight the beast.

In general a glyph with a fewer amount of points is mostly better than the "same" outline with more points. Type1 Hinting needs points on extremes to be "assigned". Please study well designed & technical well developed types like Myriad Pro. Its shipped with the free Adobe Reader. Look & See!

In some cases a rough calligraphic touch is needed. In this situation you have to break some rules.

For dingbats and ornament fonts you should hardly try to stay below 1000 points per gylph. Its not a technical limit, but a speed and screen rendering quality issue.

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I've actually checked out the outlines of fonts like Frutiger and The Mix. When imported into FontLab, Font Audit shows that there may be hinting problems with certain glyphs...but they're both well-drawn fonts! Thanks for the input.

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