HESS logo and corporate face

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If anyone knows what typeface HESS is using in their masthead at http://www.hess.com i'd appreciate it


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This look like House Gothic 23 with a really poor customized cap S.

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The Hess logo has been around forever. The rest of it could be a corporate font.

See here


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I was afraid of the corporate font thing, just anything fairly close and no one will know the difference.

Don't worry, I'm not dying to use this in my next big design, it's just for comparative purposes.

I was thinking house, too, but this sucker is just weird.

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It looks to me like something you could easily 'fabricate' from Eurostile. Make the A from an upside-down U; straighten the S and put a new leg on the R. From what I saw on the web page link, those three letters might be all it would take.

- Mike Yanega

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