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Hello :)

I saw a show last night called 'OPERATION SANDMAN' on UPN.

A font was used for a logo CE 3 in the show.

The font looked like a bitmap font but edges were slightly rounded (rounded squares).

I have a font called MOONBASEALPHA which is similar but not the same.

Does anybody know where I could find a font or fonts like this (kind of like the 'truth' anti-smoking logo - but solid)

commercial of freeware?



Glen T.

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Thanks Stephen :)

The show used a font close to or a variation of ELEMENT 15.


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Glen - Here are a few rounded-square grid fonts...

- Mastertext by Rian Hughes
- EF by Ulf C. Stein
- SB Byte by Craig Stainton
- Punch by Rick Valicenti and Gregg Brokaw
- SB Modem by Craig Stainton
- GAU Private by Toshiyuki Takahashi
- Aspersion by Don Synstelien
- DPI by Jakob Straub
- Element 15 Round by Ben Husmann
- Union Round by Lewis Tsalis


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