French words for Typography Terminology

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Looking specifically for how you would say "x-height" and "baseline" in French for a standards manual. But while we're at it maybe someone could post some more translations of English to French if they have a moment just for fun eh?


P.S. sorry Stefan, haven't been here in a while, have no idea how the instant messenger thingy works yet.

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well you guys were no help. what happened to the usual 30 second reply?


spent far too much time surfing it out, but I found it, and if it helps anyone else:

x-height = Hauteur d’x
baseline = Ligne de pied
Bold = Gras


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I had wanted to learn these myself. I learned a few by comparing the english and french versions of Porchez's site, but I'm sure that they will not be much of a surprise:

roman = romain
italic = italique
titling = titrage

I'd also be interested in learning the rest.

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My French is limited to ordering food and catching taxis in Paris even though I worked in Paris La Defense for a while.

Maybe this link to LEXIQUE TYPOGRAPHIQUE might be helpful.

Also, these seems like a good jump points to other sites about typography in French:

Yes, I'm old, but I'm back in style!

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According to the still-evolving ATypI
multi-lingual terminology project:

x-Height is:
"hauteur des bas de casse"


Baseline is:
"ligne de base"
"ligne d'écriture"


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another link to multilingual typographic expressions:

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