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Hi all,

I have added a regular weight to a font a posted recently.
Any comments or opinions would be greatly appreciated.

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To my semi-amateur eye:
m - the left half looks wider than the right one
t - the ascender seems too high
g - looks good but probably falls out from the general context
7 - falls to the left
Also I doubt about some width in the UC, for example, such wide G.
Speaking about the overall style, I like it pretty much.

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The first thing I see: you have less space between the link of the g and the eye in the regular weight than the light. I think you need to open up the space on the regular to be have a consistent look.

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As always, thanks for your comments.
I will post updates soon.

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Only two things for now. The bottom of the number 4 would be better if it was longer. Same comment for the diagonale line of the R.

Excellent work

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good work!

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