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Hi to all,

My name is Miguel Hernández, handpainted bitmap typography designer from Ultrafonts and Atomic Media foundries.

I am selling Ultrafonts Truetype Grayscale Technology feature font designs (view them in the attached sample image)
for full featured comercial use.

The fonts are a total of 6. For more details regarding to Greyscale font features please visit:


The Offers will be open for all the 6 fonts in one price. The fonts for sale include both greyscale patent technology and the fonts for your full comercial use. Use this blog to share your comments about this sale.

Offers and Questions:
Typographic Foundries, Mobile and Technology companies and other interesed parties, please contact to this email: screenfonts@hotmail.com

Best Regards,

Miguel Hernández.

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Where can one see what exactly is up for sale? And what rights you are offering?

Cheers, Si

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Hi Sii,

You can read the previous updated post with details and a image showing the fonts available for Sale. The rights that Ultrafonts and myself are 2, by a contract:

-By Ultrafonts patent; the exclusive rights of technology who generate greyscale render in truetype, for all the 6 fonts.
-By the typographer, the exclusive rights to own the fonts for full comercial use.



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Miguel, the way I understand the contract*, unless Ultrafonts is involved in the licensing, I think our fonts are "stuck" at Ultrafonts... So a buyer can acquire some rights to the fonts directly from you, but he would have to keep selling them through Ultrafonts. Ultrafonts's co-ownership of the font files comes from the usage of their converter, and of course their patent. I'm talking about the TT outline fonts here; the actual bitmaps are indeed wholly owned by the individual designers.

* Assuming they're all the same though - maybe they're not.

In any case, I hope you sell them for a good price - it's a nice collection.


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Hi Hrant,

Outside from the current typographer monthly sales contracts, i have been conversations with Ultrafonts, about my needs to sale my ultrafonts collection, to an interesed company or individual.

The Ultrafonts co-ownership is only for the foundry in ultrafonts.com;

TTF patented converted fonts will be belong to the owner who can use my 6 font families for ANY comercial needs.

Thanks for your comments.

I am looking forward for offers from Foundries or Individuals.


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Hi there,

It´s its possible or a real chance, if any one haven´t try it yet, to sell this fonts of mine on ebay or similar place? Did you know if this kind of font sales was made ever on such places?



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Well, I dont think eBay is the 'right' place, or platform, to seriously sell any quality legal typefaces.. Hmm..

Dav, formlos

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Hi Dave,

What kind of platform then?


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Miguel, If you hadnt posted this, here, on Typophile, already, I would have recommended to do so.. :)

( There even is a link, back to this thread, on Typographica / Unseen / Typefaces.. )

I may not be of much help in finding a reseller / buyer for your 'six pack', but why dont you continue selling them via UltraFonts, or directly via myFonts, maybe.?

Dav, formlos

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Hi Dav,

I am selling Ultrafonts in the foundry way now. The reason of my selling is that i wish to know if the six pack can help me to pay some personal needs. I wish to know too, how much can others offer to this work, for own them. The idea is to sell them soon so any offer is welcome.


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Hi Guys,

Hope all is well with you Hrant and Miguel. To help clarify things, all of the original Ultrafonts developers are free to sell their fonts on the open market in any form they wish and the purchaser has all rights to resell, use or whatever else is stipulated in the contract between the font developer and purchaser.

The purchase however does not have any right to make their own Ultrafonts nor can they use the Ultrafonts name or trademark in the font with the exception of calling the font family purchased and Ultrafont.

Hope this helps.


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