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Hi folks, 'been trying to figure this one out for a while now. This is the logo for my Dad's Windsurfing School. I'm pretty sure that the original logo was hand rendered (but I'm hoping not the type – Letraset maybe?) – probably in Vancouver BC in the early to mid 1970's. The logo was shared between my father's business and a related manufacturing company that lasted into the late 80's. The only surviving reproduction is a small sticker about 3 inches in diameter. This sample has been scanned from the sticker. I thought it might be Futura but the "S" does not look right. Any ideas folks?

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'Antique Olive', may be an alternate..
( But the 'S' is still slightly different, and, The 'S' in your sample is lovely, I may add.. :)

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If you add a stroke to Locator, you'll get pretty close, even the "S".

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