Butcher shop typeface

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I am designing the identity of a new, artisanal charcuterie. Anyone have any ideas for the perfect typeface?

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The PTF Ambroise faces perhaps? (Especially the Francois Black.)

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Great suggestions! Motter Corpus is sooo meaty. What's the shop name? That will help find the fonts with best glyphs.

Don't forget the requisite animated gif.

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Here are a few that make me think of a butcher -- many inspired by Oz Cooper (ignore if it's a super classy place):

MVB Bovine (not just for the name), Fritz, Robusto, Maiandra, Oz, Sauna Swash Black Italic, Tango, and -- perhaps too obvious -- Frankfurter

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Fabulous 'Capone' ( Heavy ), by Pieter van Rosmalen..

( In the old tradition of the relationships between 'La Famiglia' and butchers.. :)

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