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I have designed a jersey for a cycling team and would like some feedback on the style of type used for the teams name "BICYCLEGROUP". They need a type that can be seen clearly. The attached image shows what I have now which is the over-used and boring (to me) Futura font.

thanks for any and all feedback.

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I see no image link.

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my bad.

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Hi Esteve, I too have designed a Bicyclist's Kit. I have samples at my site. What I would change is make the main name on the front and back solid white. When your sprinting to the line at 30+ mph you need simplisity to be read at the line. The red is to close to the blue in the tonal range to be distinctive even with a white stroke.

One other thought, its popular now to put the name on the back of the shorts. Its very visible especially if you have a dot com.

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Thank Dan.

I'll take your advice and change the red text to white. In regards to the shorts. The members of the team wanted to go with a lower cost short. This lower cost short does not have the space to put a logo/text on the back of the short.

Thanks again for your input.


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Hi Esteve,
I'm a bike-rider myself and I designed the jerseys too.
Honestly I don't think it's a good design, it not very clear, try keeping it simple, bigger typo maybe, probably better in white. Loose the globe, that's no good.
To lower the cost I used plain blue shorts, which you can buy anywhere.
Take a look at this link, I used a The Mix from Luc(as) De Groot.

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Thanks for your input. However the globe is part of the clubs logo and I cant touch it. I like the idea of bigger text.


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