Museum of Printing

The gallerys at the Museum of Printing contains an elaborate timeline history of the manufacturing of letters. Visitors are walked through the foundry era, which reaches back 500 years. A guide explains the transition to mechanized hot-metal typesetting. The tour includes explanations of Linotype, Monotype and Ludlow linecasting machines. Along the tour route the next exhibit features a Monophoto and an Intertype Photosetter, machines which attempted to use linecasting technology to transition to phototypesetting, only to fail in competition with the electronically-driven phototypesetters. The display includes strike-on typesetters, machines designed to produce inexpensive type which could be married to the expanding offset printing market. The story line then drifts to phototypesetters, where Massachusetts hi-tech companies played a dominant role. The last chapter of this type story is digital. This story is told in a room paneled with bright digital prints output on a modern large format printer.

The Museum of Printing has the largest collection of printing history. There are more phototypesetters than any other location, plus collections that are unrivaled — like the entire set of drawings for every Mergenthaler Linotype Company hot metal typeface and the 100,000+ piece Frey Collection of ephemera from a century ago.

800 Massachusetts Avenue, North Andover, MA 01845

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