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Anyone have any good/useful style sheet naming/creation/hierarchy techniques? I'm having trouble settling... I do it differently for every publication I work with. Is there a One True Way to do stylesheets?

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One trick we use at work, where multiple designers work on multiple publications: put an identifying code at the beginning of all the style sheets that belong to a particular publication, e.g., AA Body Text, AA Head, etc. That way, when text inevitably gets copied from another pub and brings the style sheet along for the ride, it's easy to weed out the intruder. We use the same naming convention for colors, too (AA 100c20m). Keeps our palettes pure.

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For publications I usually have 4 sets of paragraph
stylesheets: head, body, sidebar, and caption.
Then character stylesheets for each of these that require
them (body-bold, body-cite, head-smallcaps, etc.)

This is very generalized and simplified, of course, but
that's the main structure. I find it works well and helps
push through the ultimately time-saving, but initially
irritating practice of creating the sheets.

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