This one's for you, Paul.

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What not to do for your conference presentation: Stop your presentation before it kills again! (via InfoDesign)

What to buy if you are craving peanut butter and curry: PB Loco

What to read if you need a light in your life: WikiQuote on Hope

What to wear to your next client meeting if all is already lost: Very Necessary


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just for me? awwww! *squish*

my friend joey tells me he'll show me where to buy curry chocolates when i'm in NYC. can't wait!

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Oooh. Sounds intriguing.

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We study curcumin (one of main ingredients in curry) in our lab. Has good nutritional benefits... [google scholar search] May be offset by the sugars they add to the chocolates though. :)

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you can buy curry chocolates at Vosges Haut Chocolat in NY, CHI, Vegas, Miami and online at

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