Logo critic for marketing company

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Please offer some reviews / critic

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sorry for all the confusion with the double post.

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Since I know nothing about the company, I can only voice my preference for the look. I prefer the second one (yellow balloon, sans). If you use the serif face, try the sans for the tagline. I assume the shape above the 'i' is supposed to look like a word balloon. Is that true?

Also, at smaller sizes, 'complete communications' will turn into ant tracks. Be careful. It should probably be at least 150-200% larger, I'd guess.

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I have to agree with version 2, although the na needs a hair more space, the strapline (what is that face by the way?) seems caught between ranging right and centred under the yellow bubble (enlarging it would help avoid that). I think the bubble needs some work if it is to be a speech bubble.

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Version 2. But I miss something in the yellow dot, try a spiral gradient or something...but don't overdo it either.


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Thanks for all your help.

I have done a number of mods to those designs i shall post soon for discussion.

timd - The strapline in number 2 is "Plume DaMa"

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> try a spiral gradient

Are you serious.? :)

( As I previously stated, here, I like / prefer the 2nd version, but I still think you will probably loose the finer lower end part of the 'speech bubble' / 'quote' detail, on the 'i', when scaling down the logotype.. )

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To start "Creative Marketing" or "Creative Communications" work better but are very vanilla. Can you say something stronger about your business? "Complete Communications" once again could be a book publisher.

On the new logos: the top left the dot looks like a printing registration mistake. I like the middle left logo without the extra letter spacing. The talk balloon is cute.

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ok thanks -- we are thinking more about the copy.
the general concensus is to develop the talk ballon one.

thanks all


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I like the talk balloon one as well. Also, 'creative marketing' isn't a very creative tagline.

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That talk balloon is really great. I agree with Dan: I like the middle left logo without the extra letter spacing.

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thanks all.

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