(x) type on Begian highway signs - VSS {Ine}

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I know i've been asking this befor, but still no answer. I drew the specific "1" and "a" in black, the orange is a DIN. The rest of the font is simular to DIN...


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It's quite possible that this is a custom font for the transport authorities, no? I mean they're just the kind of guys in the position to commission a font.

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I don't think Belgians are that sofisticated, well... not the transport authorities anyway. The thing is, it's a frequent typeface in Belgium, I'd be surprised if this is commisioned. And the Swiss use it too.

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This is a link to the official Belgian traffic sign documantation.

I don't read any French so I don't know if it deals with fonts, but it could be a starting point to find more information.


Good luck

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BTW if you change the last 2 letters of that url into nl, you´ll get the dutch version.
I just looked at it, but I don´t think that it has any info about what fonts they use. It does have a nice collection of the different belgian traffic signs.

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I tried to look up some info about the swiss signage font and this is what I found

"In 2003, the Swiss authorities decided to replace all traffic signs in Switzerland (which used to use the VSS font) with a variant of Frutiger known as ASTRA-Frutiger. All new signs will be in Frutiger and old signs will take around a decade to be completely replaced with Frutiger signs. The reason for this is that Frutiger is considered far more legible than the previous font, which was introduced in the 1960s and 1970s. "

on this website http://frutiger.biography.ms/

So if you´re sure that the Belgian signage font is the same as the swiss, than you have your answer.

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Dank je Ine, hoe ken jij Vision and Factory trouwens? Ik heb er nog stage gedaan, wellicht kennen we elkaar van Sint-Lucas?

Anyhow, the old typeface is VSS!


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And thank you Richard

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ik heb ook op St-Lucas Antwerpen gezeten :-), ben er vorig jaar afgestudeerd.

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Ik een jaar of vier geleden. Werk nu in Antwerpen bij Flink. Mooie website heb je daar.

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bwa, kon beter, vind ik zelf, ik zou m eigenlijk nog eens moeten updaten.
Ik doe op 't moment stage bij FontShop in Berlijn ...

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Fontshop? Ah, de bron! Goed bezig, doe de groeten aan Erik Spiekermann...

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I don’t think Belgians are that sofisticated

In my experience, they are a savage, uncivilised race. What do you think, Yves? :)

This sample reminds me of one of the football jersey fonts... I'll try to find the thread.

- Lex

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Whatever Lex, see if I care. Julius Caesar himself (!) has gone on record saying that the Belgians were the bravest of all the Gallic tribes. Watch out or I get savage and uncivilised on yo' arse! :-D

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My fondest memories of Belgians are through Asterix.


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If anyone is unsure about what I mean with "getting savage and uncivilised on yo’ arse", check this. These are no idle threats! :-P

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Ahh, for simpler times, listening to Front 242 in my left ear and Hooverphonic in my right ear, sipping on a tall glass of mayonnaise...

Vive le Belch.

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In my experience, they are a savage, uncivilised race. What do you think, Yves? :)

Wow, have you been driving through Brussels recently? Or worse yet, are you over 65 and trying to cross a crosswalk. Unbelievable the stuff that goes on. They sure love their car horns.

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