If a Typophile is Someone Who Loves Typography

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What do you call someone who loves typos?

(I realize I should probably apologize for this beforehand.)

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A typoophile?


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A Typophiliac


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a typöphile

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or is that a a typöphyle? or a typöphil? or...

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... and if you're really deep into it. "Typoholic" is the label!

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A tpyophile.


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What Hrant said, or…


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Good one Armin!


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Hrant, you're hilarious! That's perfect.

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Hrant is a dyslexicphile :-)


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Actually, I think dyslexics get too much attention.
"Jerome was dyslexic until he was 12, before it became fashionable."
- Jerome's mother in The Pillow Book


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Ice none. Funortionately, some users don't pariciate the redogitory merarks wotard lisdexics.

(I should be more careful. I was talking like that to my kids and offered to take them to a burger at Rudd•••••••. Oops.)

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A Typo-heel for sure...

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Looks like Joe was being flip in his comments.


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An idiot. LOL!

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It's certainly not the dyslexics' fault. Just like it wasn't the tsunami victims' fault that aid got diverted from starving Africa. But the imbalancing effects of sensationalism and bandwagon-hopping (including in the realm of academic research) are still there.


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A proofreader. It gives life meaning.

= David Randolph Koski =

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A typochondriac. Well, actually, that's a person who is afraid of typos.

Yes, I'm old, but I'm back in style!

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a typo as in a mispelled word is a short form of typographical error, not typography.

So, for typographic error lover, you'd need to have typo (something negative) phile

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typo: 1816, short for typographer; typography: 1641, from Fr. typographie, from M.L. typographia, from Gk. typos (see type) + -grapheia "writing." Typographical "pertaining to typography" is recorded from 1593.

chondria: from chondros: "cartilage" (of the breastbone). viscera. at the core or to the bone.

_i was just poking fun and plugging my site!

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Double entendre, Freudian, or just a typo?

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a typofile. Though there aren't too many typos you can fix with a file these days.

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" Errata " :-)

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