Sanserif type needed to replace Myriad in Logo

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Cobalt Data Logo

Looking to re-vamp this logo for a client.

Starting with the type.

I'm looking for suggestions on a flexible sansserif face that will be used for the entire identity system.

The mark will remain virtually unchanged, except for some minor improvements. I will use this type in the actual mark, as well as for the body text of all printed materials -- so it needs to be somewhat flexible. Cobalt data is a database and programming/development software company. Not selling software, but strictly development for clients, mostly server side applications.

Looking for something to reflect this, something with a touch of a technical feel, but something that could be flexible enough to set body text in, for example NOT a titling face. Preferably 3 or so weights, small caps and ligatures are always a plus, especially considering the amount of acronyms in an IT field such as this.

So, suggestions? Also the customer is looking to stay in the $150 ceiling price range.



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what do you think about the following faces:

Apex Sans
Digital Sans
FF Dax

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I do love the Parisine Plus, but I think it just might be too "playful" for this project.
I will definately keep it in mind for future projects, I have been wanted to use it for some time now, just have never found the right "time".

Its a great face, although I still am a little "shaky" about that lower case 'x'. ;)

Romesh: Good suggestions. Do you have a link to digital and conduit? I am familiar with the others, but not so much these.

keep it coming!



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PS. That "POP-UP" "Do you want to come back to..." thing is about to drive me crazy, you have to loose that, it makes browsing your site an absolute NIGHTMARE.

Sorry, just FYI.


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For a more technical flair
TAZ III by Luc(as) de Groot.
Sun, which is a bit similar, also by Luc.
FF Unit by Fontshop.

also, a bit more traditional, Bliss, Eureka, ScalaSans, Giacomo...

but frankly, Myriad (in the OTF-Version) isn't all that bad. The colourscheme and the odd C-Ball are much worse, imo :-D. . .

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Sofar I am considering Conduit, my only fear is its condensed nature, I'm not sure how this will work for body text.

Any have this face? I would love to see some Lorum Ipsum. ;)

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> The colourscheme and the odd C-Ball are much worse

Im not going to disagree with you there. I'm stuck with that, but at least I thought I could give it a typographical makeover. The color is a little funky in the 3d form being that it has to be 2 color.

> Bliss, Eureka, ScalaSans, Giacomo...

Quite a bit more traditional than he would like.
He's a computer nerd, so... enough said.

The others I'm checking out now.

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here it is.

lorem.pdf (31.0 k)

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> so it needs to be somewhat flexible......something with a touch of a technical feel

I think it could more flexible with a font family with an Extended and Condensed version, if you can afford it for this job.
If you can go this way take a look at FF Signa. (Regular/Condensed/Extended). I think that also this way, with more versions it will be easier to fit it with the mark.

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If you really need condensed and wide versions with a readable, yet distinctively technical, minimalist flair FF Dax should be the right type for the job.

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To answer to your question, I will prefer parisine than the plus.

About the pop up, yes, not fun. My website is currently in a rebuilt for the Alphabet section, perhaps lauched before the end of this year.

Conduit is fun for display, short text but no very legible for real text, worst than Din to my eyes.

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Kyle, I think you need something that has some rigidity -that's what seems to make a face feel "technical"- but too much and you move away from text usage. So something like DIN or Signa or Conduit is a bit too rigid, to the point of losing too much readability. Dax is cool, but maybe a bit too funky. I'm thinking something like Taz, or one of the more rigid Spiekermann/Schaeffer designs.


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I'm having Fontshop send me all of Spiekermann's .PDF specemins.

I do like DAX too, It just seems maybe a little too happy, I just need tomething a little more terminal/rigid. Maybe Unit? We'll see.

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I'm not a big fan of using the same font for a logo and the text. I feel the logo should stand alone, unique in character. But for CI purposes, establishing a sans and a serif that reflects the feel of the clients goals is imperative. I'd be tempted to go techno for the logo type and be less dogmatic on which sans or serif faces you propose for this client. Remember most people using this site won't get it anyway, they are more concerned with content than the shapes of the letters, especially in text size formats. Plus you have another consideration, on text on their site that changes regularly, you will have to pick a font that is pretty universal and on most computers. Its not a simple chore. Dan

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>Plus you have another consideration, on text on their site that changes regularly, you will have to pick a font that is pretty universal and on most computers.

This is not something for web consideration, obviously the CI will follow through to the website, but the focus here is printed colaterals.

I can see your point on the different faces, although in the circumstance, I have had a hard enough time convincing the client to even purchase one face, let alone two. I'm also quite aware of the use of web fonts. Verdanna, Sanserif will be used for web.


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This is not quite on the topic, but while you're revamping their logo, maybe you should change the indigo colour to cobalt blue. :-)


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It actualy is, pure cobalt. and pms 130.
The color export in illustrator is a little less than desireable. Even after hours and hours of color profiling or systems here, illustrator just does some crazy things. ;)


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Stephen, check out a Men's Health spinoff magazine called Best Life, or MacAddict. Both of them use Stainless in various doses.

Kyle, I'll second Hrant's motion and suggest you consider FF Fago, by Ole Schafer. Interesting details in display sizes, readable in text.

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What about 'Malm

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Have you seen the "Nuri" from Frank Rocholl. It

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Foundry Monoline?

I'd say no to a monoline, just because it will look dated in a few years. But that thing will look dated anyways because of the crazy 3D - baseball / prosthetic hip / chrome walnut of a spaceship from Flight of the Navigator.

(I've been awake for 48 hours straight - synapses firing wildly)

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Apex Sans would be perfect for this, I feel.

In a similar vein as Digital but IMHO much more lively, Nillennium would be a good choice too, though it might not function as well as you might want as a text face.

I recently bought Corpid from LucasFonts for a corporate identity. Quite like it for what I'm doing, and might work for this too.

Good luck!

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"I'm a big fan of FB Stainless. Underexposed (never seen it used) and modern without an overt hi-tech luster. "

What about "Type at Work" by Andreu Balius published by BIS, it uses both Stainless and Dispatch throughout.

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I'm a big fan of FB Stainless. Underexposed (never seen it
used) and modern without an overt hi-tech luster. Plus, it's
by Cyrus Highsmith, so you can count on quality of the
highest caliber.

It has no small caps, but I think your money for this sort of
usage is better spent on multiple weights and widths than
on SCs. Also, consider the benefit of a serif companion
for future purchase.

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Aww, damn. Just when I was about to purchase it myself
based on its overlookedness. I guess that's the risk you run
with Font Bureau's stuff. It's just too good to be obscure.

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Randy, I'm going to laugh about that one again later.

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you may want to take a look at Pill Gothic from Veer. Brand new font.

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