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I recently received an email from Filip inviting me to look at his intriguing online project.

Filip says:
"I have finally created the first public on-line version of the Diacritics project. Its aim is to build a free on-line database of knowledge and experience - how to design correct diacritics (what size, shape and position an accent should have). Text concerning the history, use, languages, and also some technical information is related to each diacritical mark. The project is on-line at http://diacritics.typo.cz.

I would be very happy if you could check it and if you would like to edit the text, simply Register and Login - every page can be edited, corrected or enhanced with pictures by anyone (Wikipedia model)."

I think Filip has done a commendable job and thought many of you would like to see his work. Take a look at his site at http://diacritics.typo.cz

Chris Lozos

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