Mixtura font

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I've made the logo for my site based on idea of this font two years ago.

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For some reason I like this.


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Thanks, Hrant.

This picture has 26 letters.

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To me it looks like a 1000x magnification of like a size 7-9pt helvetica/arial on screen, faux-italicized, using the Mac OS 9 rendering engine with atm turned off.

Am I making sense?

Anway. It would be cool to see some words. Maybe uppercase set too?


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You are close to the idea. Letters are based on screen view of stardart typeface. Initially I was thinking about pseudoitalic typeface, which would be both clearly readable in small sizes and primitivized, but not 'pixel'. I never use Mac. Uppercase is not so 'compact' but it still preserves the idea. I'll try to post the picture later.

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