Apple Font Book v2.0 (Tiger) -- worth using?

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Anyone here actually USED Apple's Font Book v2.0 (Tiger) with more than a few dozen fonts?
If so, how's it working?
I've been gun shy ever since Font Book v1.0 ate a bunch of my system fonts, so I dare not try it myself!

Anyone care to render an opinion? Can Font Book v2.0 handle (say) upwards of 1,000 fonts total? If so, will it work WELL?

Thanks for you input(s),


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On Panther, Apple's FontBook was inusable with more than "a few dozen" fonts since it simply moved fonts in and out from /Library/Fonts/ folder, slowing down the machine.

I recently upgraded to Tiger, had problems with my old Font Reserve app, and I'm trying to move to a different font manager.
Now, I'm quite pissed off.

Dowloaded demos:

Suitcase X11, installs correctly, crashes on startup (this happened also in Panther - worked well with Jaguar). Trashed.

I'm trying FontAgentPro (idea from:
Yesterday it worked quite well, then today I activated Helvetica and HelveticaNeue: it seems in causes problem with the system-wide helvetica, that now renders as cirillic caracters in (it happened before with Panther, but a "verify privileges" cycle used to resolve the problem): so I'm unable to activate other Helveticas on my machine.
And now, every font I import into FontAgentPro, is misteriously listed as minion...
Auto Activation doesn't work for Photoshop...
FontAgent Pro could be a killer app, but (the demo) seems to be filled with bugs that render the app nearly inusable...
(PS: found this:

I'm going to try Font Book... but I don't think it will help in any way.

Please HELP ;)
Need a decent Font Manager...
Forum Search not working in this Beta version... I'll manually check old posts ;)

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Apple's Font Book is an incredible application for font management. Simple, well integrated through out the system, and contains all the basic tools needed to manage fonts on the mac.

I find the other offerings — mainly Suitcase and Font Reserve — to be bloated programs that do so much, but nothing well.

Font Book manages Fonts. Thats it. And it does a great job.

The only downside to Font Book is no auto-activation, but there are ways around it. Plus I am sure there are Apple Scripts out there that take care of that problem.

Give Font Book a try. It is a very good Application. The main reason I want from 10.2 - 10.3.

— Jer

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Hey, Jer:

Thanks for your input. A question, though: have you used font book with more than, say, a couple hundred fonts?

I personally have had poor experiences w Suitcase and Font Reserve. FontAgent Pro is much better, but i'm seriously wondering if i can use ONLY Apple's Font Book app. I've got 850 fonts right now.

What say?


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I would not know. The most fonts that I ever had installed at one point is 200. I stick to the basics.

I am confident the Font Book will handle your collection. Give it a try. It will work just fine.

I only use Font Book and have now for sometime. It works extremely well at what it does — a basic Font Management application that is great at one thing, font management.

I would wish you luck, but I don't think you will need it.

— Jer

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One difference I've noticed is that the new font book copies active fonts to the user library, leaving the original copies wherever you had them stored before. I think before it would obnoxiously remove the fonts from their original location when you installed them.

Also it distinguishes between the user font library and the system font library, which is nice if you want to keep the faces you've installed seperate from system and web-browser fonts.

I'm not one to try activating 2000 fonts at a time, but I've found that the new Font Book is easier to work with if you want to maintain your font collection externally, and use Font Book to manage the fonts you use on a regular basis or happen to be using at the time.


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