Futura's bauhaus alternates and OSF

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Do these exist in digital form already? I saw an image of the original 1925/27 versions of Futura, and there's some really funky stuff (g with triangle-shaped descender, r made from disjoint stroke and dot, etc) that I'd love to use in a poster I'm working on.

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I guess you're looking for The Foundry's Architype Renner?
More about Futura(s) here.

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That's it, thanks. I knew I saw it on here.

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Hi Colin,

There was a long discussion about Futura and its alternate characters and about Berthold Univers BQ here:


As I state in my post about halfway down the page, with the type sample, I purchased the Foundry versions of Futura for the alternative characters, but what I've been most impressed by and use most often are the f-ligatures.

I've also always loved Futura's oldstyle figures. I've purchased the complete Berthold Futura in order to have these in all the various weights. I've found the Berthold version to be excellent.

Also check out the link from Tiffany:


- Paul

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The California College of the Arts (formerly the California College of Arts and Crafts) is using one of the 'original' futura 'a's on their logotype.

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