Petala sans serif

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Hello Typophiler's this is my P

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Dear Marconi,

This is a nice project. Even with so many other typefaces with this same principles, It has somenthing that sparks from the rest.

Here are some comments/suggestions wich I guess you should consider...

1. The uppercase S seems to be falling to the right.
2. The lowercase r has a spacing problem on the right margin.
3. There are some weight problens on your figures. Clearly the 3 is much heavier than 1 or 2, and so are 4, 5, 6 and 8.
4. You uppercase M seems too wide, comparing to the entire font
5. I guess your descender must go down a little bit more... thinking in a text oriented typeface.

Just think about it.
Keep up this good work! It would be a nice family.
Go on!!

Fabio Luiz Haag

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Although your vertical proportions are well balanced, the huge x-height means that:
- The font will work best for small sizes (I'd say ~8pt in this case).
- You need to pull some tricks to make more room for the descenders, specifically by making the bowls of the "g", "p" and "q" rise [slightly] above the baseline.

And a question: Could you explain the vertical distribution of the numerals?

BTW, it's best to use GIF (not JPEG) for type samples.
You can see all the artefacts especially around the white-on-orange text.


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Nice work, Marconi, it's getting much better.
Good points, Fabio.
I'd add that your caps are too dark, and: U and S are wide, P is narrow and Y is too light.
There are some little weight inconsistencies over the alphabet, and finally, I think your non-alphabetical glyphs need some work.
Keep it up!

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Beleza Marconi,

Your Petala Sans is a very good work,
i like to see the "mini-descenders"
but i'm not convinced this works fine
in the long texts!

- Your Ampersand is cool ;D
- The terminal in the lw r is
a bit long

...Good trip to the extra light
to ultra black!

E bem vindo a m

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Hello Marconi, finnaly you put your font to critic and like you see you have good sujestions to you continue your work. I don't want to repeat some sujestions but I leave you some comments.
-Your lowercase (k) is strange, probably you must work this letter.
- Your figure (7) have a wrong position, alighn this figure like (5), exemple.

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