3 Quick Type Treatments

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Was playing around today instead of getting ready for a pitch.

Came up with a few type treatments, based on exisiting or heavily modified fonts -- not sure what to do with them, maybe tshirts? I am seriously getting tired with clip-art and faux naive illustration art tshirts.

Need more, solid, type treatments on t-shirts in the future, mayhaps?

I dunno.

Do tell me what you think!

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Where is the image? Perhaps post again or link to the image...

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Sorry I am retarded...


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Apparently not - they are there now. Nice. Yes, Maybe T shirts. Thats is what comes to mind when I see them.

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I should stop procrastinating...

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Nathan are you pining for the 70s. All that crashing type and ultra tight spacing. I would suggest looking more closely at letter combinations and let some of the type breathe. Type designers design the sides of the letters too.

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Thanks Dan

Yeah, the stuff is pretty tight. I really was going for a very tight, tube-socks look. But, there is a question of balance that needs to be addressed.

I think the kerning in the 70s was so tight, partly because of the jeans. There was a subconsious need to keep everything 'packed in' due in part to the tightening in their crotches!

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What is dail-a hawk? The others made some kind of cultural sense - Was that just pure wordplay?

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